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◆あなたの人生で得た大切な経験、貴重な想い 出は、時を経て気がつかないうちに忘れていきます。



■ 主な機能





Memories are so important but it’s really easy to forget things as time goes by.
NeieDiom is an app that will help you to store and share your precious memories with the people you care about most.
For example, you want to send a birthday message to your friend who lives far away. This app lets you send special videos called “TIME MESSAGES”. These TIME MESSAGES have a time stamp which makes it only available to watch after the date set on it.
Sometimes you want to be the one that helps others create unforgettable memories. The NeieDiom app also caters to this by the “OMOIDE MAP”. The “OMOIDE MAP” allows you to leave video messages, anonymously if you wish, set to a specific GPS location. For example you visited Tokyo and found an exiting bar tucked away in Roppongi. Leave a little recommendation on the “OMOIDE MAP” and you’ve just helped someone experience Tokyo in a new way!
Think of NeieDiom as a tool to make and share memories.

~What you can do in the app~
Main function
• Create and share videos within the app
• Watch videos from the community timeline, the “OMOIDE MAP” or from your private timeline.

Description of service
TIME MESSAGES are videos shared between users. You can control when the video will be viewable by the other person.

You can post your videos to the COMMUNITY VIDEO timeline when you don’t want to show GPS information to other users.

OMOIDE MAP is an interactive map where you can share and view videos linked to specific GPS location.

OMOIDE NO KINKO is a shared storage space between your family and friends.

Prohibited matter
• You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone. • You may not post videos containing sexual contents.
• You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission.
• You may not publish or post videos containing children’s faces (under 12 years old) without parental consents.
• You may not post videos for recruitment or solicitation.
Other than them, posts or accounts that are deemed to be improper will be deleted.


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